In 1938, thanks to his brilliant initiative, Tullio Baldo founded the company Baldo Trasporti, giving birth to his activity by effectuating the first deliveries with an oxcart. Since that distant time a lot of years have passed and transport industry has undergone several deep changes. Regardless of all those major transformation, Tullio Baldo managed to keep his enterpreneurial spirit, his enthusiasm and total devotion to duty unaltered, and even to transmit those qualities to the sons and nephews that followed his path and took in charge major managing roles in the firm.

Fruits, vegetables, ice-creams, frozen food, diary products, meat, cheese, juices, fish, mineral water, pizza: goods that require to be preserved at controlled temperature.

Baldo Trasporti counts the shipment of chemical and pharmaceutical dangerous products (ADR) all over Italy and Europe

The target aimed at and fully achieved by the company is the absolute quality of the services provided.

BALDO TRASPORTI Spa / Via del Lavoro 11 / 38060 Nomi (TRENTO)

Tel.: +39 0464 834109 - Fax: +39 0464 834047

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